Hatuma Generate® Lime

Product pricing

Effective from 1st March 2019. Prices exclude GST and are subject to change

Ex Hatuma, Waipawa and Mauriceville sites
Hatuma Generate Lime®: $30.00 per tonne

Ex Marton Store
Hatuma Generate Lime®: $58.00 per tonne


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Phone: 0800 80 65 65

Hatuma Generate Lime® is designed to react quicker and applied lighter than standard agricultural lime. That means you’re getting the benefits faster while saving on cartage and spreading costs.

In the mid-1980s – Hatuma began to experiment with light liming and Hatuma Generate Lime® was introduced to the market. Hatuma Generate Lime® contains only the lime grains that you need to do the work now. With the larger grains removed, Generate is a more efficient and quicker acting product. The dollar savings come from up to 40% lower application rates and 40% less transport requirement – all the while still maintaining an excellent reputation as a dustless, free flowing product that’s perfect for aerial topdressing.

Because agronomic effectiveness is more enhanced with all required nutrients being applied at the same time, further savings can be made by incorporating Hatuma Generate Lime® with an annual fertiliser application of Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate® or FuturepHos® and any other nutrients, reducing spreading costs even more i.e. one mix, one pass.