Hatuma LIFE

Product pricing

Available in 25kg bags. Talk to your local merchant store for pricing or contact your local Hatuma Territory Manager to find out your nearest stockist.

Lime flour in bulk 1 Tonne bags available (Hatuma site only and Hatuma supplied bag only). Contact your local Hatuma Territory Manager or local merchant store for pricing.


Your local Territory Manager


Phone: 0800 80 65 65

Your cows’ calcium needs sorted. Made at the Hatuma site and trusted by dairy farmers for over 50 years.

• Easily digestible source of calcium to enhance growth, productivity and profitability in dairy cows.
• Assists in the prevention of milk fever (hypocalcaemia) after calving.
• Improves calcium uptake in cows when sufficient calcium during normal diet is lacking.
• Supports animal health.

Calcium supplementation for livestock
• 90% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) / 34.3% Calcium / Moisture: <0.1%
• Sieve Sizing:
– 0.100mm = 77%
– 0.250mm = 23%