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Job vacancies

Job vacancies

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Hatuma Health and Safety Administrator

The Position of the Health and Safety Administrator is responsible for ensuring the company’s documents relating to strategies and management commitment are communicated and implemented throughout the business. These include the education, training, resources and application of procedures and systems for all aspects of Health and Safety throughout the three sites of Hatuma Lime Company Ltd.

It is expected that the Health and Safety Administrator will maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, display a positive attitude and a team focus, be enquiring and articulate and work closely with the Operations Manager/General Manager to support that role with the necessary back-up information and advice so that the Company is well covered with its compliances at all levels.

To assist management with clear direction to all members of staff on matters of health and safety on behalf of the Company. This includes:

  • Assisting with providing a plan for a Health and Safety programme for the company; implementing and co-ordinating it and ensuring that it is always updated and compliant.
  • Ensuring that various levels of management are empowered with the required procedures and tools that will enable them to manage and execute the Health and Safety system in an effective and timely manner
  • Assisting management to drive continuous improvement in all key Health and Safety tasks
  • Assists with training and coaching all employees to protect their safety and ensure the impact of their actions do not cause hazards for those around them
  • To assist in providing a positive and happy workforce
  • Enhance and ensure employees’ well-being and fair treatment

To apply and discuss further details about this role contact PopulousPeople via the link below.