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“There’s a real synergy between the family operated Hatuma and the Tikanga principles of Maori.”
Ian Perry, Farmer, Ngäi Tümapühia-ä-Rangi ki Wairarapa”

Our people are everything.
Hatuma is a proudly family owned business. Our vision for the future of sustainable farming has been passed down through three generations, and our passion has never wavered. It’s a passion that’s shared by everyone who works at Hatuma, and many have been involved with our business for decades. They’ve all become our friends and strong advocates of our commitment to securing the future of our land and resources for our children, families, communities and all New Zealanders.

At Hatuma, we have an obligation to share our knowledge of a more sustainable future for New Zealand farming. For three generations we have been promoting the protection and preservation of the environment. We are happy to travel to, and meet with, local farmers, trustee groups and communities to pass on our founding message. We also invite you to come and visit us and see how we work, operate and have always committed to the guardianship of the land.

‘There’s an obligation for us to share the solutions that we’ve learnt with the greater farming community for the benefit of New Zealand farming inside the gate and on a global market.’ Aaron Topp, 3rd generation Director, Hatuma Group.