For the first time Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser is readily available in the South Island and farmers are flocking to get their hands on it.

The fertiliser, made from a matured blend of lime and superphosphate, can reduce the cost of fertiliser and the level of nutrients added to pastures.

Hatuma Marketing and Sales Manager Aaron Topp says the fertiliser has been well proven by famers in the North Island, so the time was right to move south.

“South Island farmers have always been very strong on lime and super blends. Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate provides the opportunity to maximise phosphate efficiency, while maintaining farm production and minimising environmental leakage,” said Aaron.

Hatuma’s South Island partners are Parkside Quarries in Oamaru and Springfield Lime Company in Canterbury.

Parkside Quarries Director, Bob Wilson says he used Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate on the Parkside farm before he decided to make and supply the product to other farmers.

“We are seeing amazing results. It improves production and is cleaner and more environmentally friendly because its non-water soluble so it doesn’t leak into our waterways.”

“It’s a great neutral pH product for the high country farms in the South Island. We are very excited to be able to offer Hatuma Dicalcic to Otago and South Canterbury farmers and hopefully it will revolutionise how they look at efficient fertiliser use,” said Mr Wilson.

The Topp family from Hatuma in Central Hawke’s Bay didn’t make its decision lightly when it decided to move its product south.

The family business is already successful and has many loyal farmers throughout the lower North Island with over two million tonnes of Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate sold in the last 50 years.

Mr Topp says the most important decision was not to compromise the quality of the product which has been at the leading edge of innovation, productivity and environmental sustainability for 50 years.

“There are dozens of intricacies that goes into making our dicalcic that are wrapped up in 50 years of intellectual property. We decided to share these with strategic, like-minded lime companies. Parkside Quarries is the perfect fit.”

Mr Wilson says he feels privileged to be able to help expand an already successful family business.

“Hatuma has worked well with Parkside Quarries to help us grow our infrastructure and provide more farmers with a proven sustainable fertiliser.”

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